Anika IT Corner

Our Core Values


Innovation is the key to our sucess.


We stick to our promises.

Quality rather than quantity

We focus on quality more than we do on quantity.

Customer Satisfaction

We are a customer-oriented company. Every customer is equally important to us.


We Only commit when we are confident enough to satisfy our customers.

We as a company

Anika IT Corner is a fast-growing IT Training, Software, and Web development company providing custom Software Development Services. We are a highly structured, performance-oriented and customer-centric organization. We well experienced in providing IT services.

Anika IT Corner – A reputed IT company established on the 1st day of 2019. Anika IT Corner is comprised of a diverse and eclectic group of individuals who see the world a little differently in a good way! We are a team of talented and dedicated individuals with many years of experience building user experiences. Our team consists of developers, designers and solution engineers who all care very much about helping our clients shine! Each project has a dedicated solutions engineer, designer, developers, and direct involvement from our management to ensure project quality and professionalism from start to finish. We deliver high quality, cost-effective, reliable and result-oriented web solutions on time for global clients. We develop unique web solutions, which ensure increased efficiency and competitive advantage for your business and your end-users.

We are specialized in IT Training; Software and Web Development, Web Design, Graphic and Logo Design, Search Engine Optimization, E-Commerce, Multimedia Solutions and also we provide Testing & QA, Client-Server Solution, Desktop Application Development and Enterprise Solution. We build web solutions, which evolve with the changing needs of your business.

We possess the best team of skilled Trainers and Software Development Professionals and Creative Designer who constantly work with clients to meet their strategic objectives by providing high-quality, technology-driven solutions and creative designs.

The fundamental purpose of such a company is learning, not teaching. Here, you learn how to learn.

Anika Hassan

Founder, Anika IT Corner


Our mission is to create value for each of our customers by delivering practical, efficient and quality software solutions as well as IT training that help leverage their existing business.
We are always inquisitive to know what our customers want the most, Know what our company does best. Our focus is always on where these two meets.
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To be a world-class software solutions provider focused on creating value for the business. We wish not just to be, but to be the best!
Anika IT Corner aspires to be a world-class software solution and at the same time IT Training provider that endeavors to leverage the power of knowledge and experience to deliver solutions in an intelligent, effective and timely manner such that it becomes a memorable experience for our clientele and trainees.
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Anika IT Corner

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Meet the team

Anika Hassan

Founder and Chairman

The founder and chairman of Anika IT Corner lead the company with an iron wheel.

Mizanur Rahman

Managing Director

The cordial managing director of the company manages each and everything with prowess.

Abdullah Al Mehedy

Director, Digital Marketing

We are a Pro digital marketing agency and we will expand your business. Contact us today.

Eafaz Razu

Admin Officer

Administering office modules and managing every day scheduled tasks to run the organization well.

Mina Mali

Junior Graphic Designer

The graphic is one of the keys to the online medium. Contact us today for stunning visuals.

Anika IT Corner

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